PDEA checks seaport, bus terminal


Elements from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency conducted random paneling and K9 sweeping operation at the Ceres South and Bredco Port in Bacolod City Bacolod as part of their proactive measure to deter the spread of illegal drugsm

According to PDEA this interdiction operation primarily focused on the waybill section which is responsible for the mail, parcel and cargo logistics in Ceres Bus Terminal.

In BREDCO, it conducted inspection at the depot for containers, cargo, essential goods, including passenger baggages.

These were all made to undergo thorough K9 inspection by Narcotics Detection Dog (NDD) “Loppy” from PDEA-NOCPO K9 Unit and NDD from Philippine Coast Guard, Sub-Station BREDCO.

The said operation yielded negative for the presence of dangerous drugs, controlled precursors and essential chemicals.

PDEA is doubling its effort to deter illegal drug activities and prevent the possible ingress and egress of prohibited drugs in Province of Negros Occidental this holidays.