Pasko sa Dakbayan: A Festive Celebration of Christmas in San Carlos


The San Carlos City is celebrating Pasko sa Dakbayan, and the public plaza is a sight to behold where the public can enjoy a festive atmosphere with Christmas ornaments and decorations adorning every corner.

In a press statement the local government said that various establishments in the city have come together to participate in decorating the trees and certain areas, each showcasing their own unique style and theme. From traditional red and green decorations to more modern and whimsical designs.

As the night falls, people of all ages, especially families with kids flock to the public plaza to take in the sights and sounds of the holiday season. The vibrant colors and twinkling lights create a magical backdrop that’s perfect for capturing memories with loved ones.

Overall, Pasko sa Dakbayan has brought the city together and created a truly vibrant way to get people into the holiday spirit and spread joy and cheer throughout the community.