Nearly 50% in San Carlos now fully vaxx vs COVID-19


The San Carlos Emergency Operations Center Vaccine Cluster and the City Health Office have recorded 44.74 percent of fully vaccinated individuals of the city’s masterlisted eligible population of 32,790 individuals who want to get the shots since the start of the vaccination program in March 2021.

As of September 28, a total of 14,670 individuals were already vaccinated since day 1 of the vaccination program. Recipients of the vaccines include priority groups (A1) Medical Frontliners, (A2) Senior Citizens (A3) People with Comorbidities, (A4) Frontline personnel in essential sectors, including uniformed personnel and (A5) Indigent Population received their doses of Sinovac, Astrazeneca, Janssen by Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna.

Vaccine Deputy Chair Dr. Jessa Tiapon said that people should not be choosy since the vaccines given are the best vaccines available which are scientifically proven and tested. She added, aside from strictly following health and safety protocols, the only way people can avoid from getting infected is to get vaccinated.

Residents of San Carlos who wish to avail of the vaccine are advised to pre-register at their respective barangays as well as online using the latest version of the Vamos App and thru to secure slots.