Mayor cracks down vandalism with task force


Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez has taken a strong stance against vandalism in the city by establishing a dedicated taskforce through Executive Order No. 25, Series of 2024.

The taskforce will focus on enforcing the city’s Anti-Vandalism Ordinance of 2011, which penalizes those who deface or damage public or private property. This includes graffiti, unauthorized posters, and markings on buildings and structures.

Benitez emphasized the negative impact vandalism has on Bacolod City, a community known for its cleanliness, health, and cultural identity. He envisions a city free from the visual blight caused by vandalism.

The taskforce will implement several measures to patrolling in high-risk areas to deter potential offenders and apprehend those caught vandalizing.

 The Department of Social Services and Development is also tasked to handle any minors caught vandalizing, providing appropriate guidance and support.

Barangay officials are also instructed to enforce the Curfew Ordinance for Minors, discouraging unsupervised activities during late-night hours.