Maxim operates legally as delivery app in PH


Maxim clarified that it is not engaged in car transportation services in the country, contrary to how they were labelled by the Land Transportation and Franchising Board.

In a statement, Maxim, which has operations in Bacolod City said their main business in the country is delivery services. “Maxim does not provide passenger car transportation services in the country and does not have a corresponding rate,” a released from the company stressed.

Maxim which holds a local office along Lacson Street, in Bacolod, is one of the delivery providers of most small and medium scaled enterprises doing business in the city.

The delivery app further clarified that they are officially registered with all regulatory authorities, pays taxes to the state treasury, and operates under its trade name MAXIM RIDES& FOOD DELIVERY with its headquarters in Cebu City.

The company has 20 registered offices in the Philippines, which have the necessary permits for work, including the one in Bacolod.

The company said they seek to expand the range of its services in accordance with user needs and to increase citizens mobility and they actively working on launching a rate for car rides.

In order to carry out this activity, the company applied for accreditation as a TNC to the LTFRB on December2. 2022, it said.

The state fee had been paid in advance and the application for the necessary license is under consideration by the regulatory authority as of January 23, 2023.

Thus, the company is following the legal requirements in this matter and is taking all necessary steps to launch car rides for residents and visitors of Philippine cities, it underscored.