Kapon Pilipinas holds free dog and cat neutering, spaying


The Kapon Pilipinas in coordination with City Agriculture’s Office of the local government of San Carlos held a Free Kapon Project for cats and dogs starting today, July 27 until July 30 at City Auditorium.

A total of 27 dogs and cats were castrated and spayed during the event.

Dr. Wilford Almoro, Veterinarian and founder of Kapon Pilipinas said that the group consists of volunteer veterinarians, clinic owners and pet lovers which advocacy focuses on providing free castration services in the different provinces in the country.

Almoro cited that castration makes your pets (dog and cat) less inclined to wander around especially during heating period and less likely to get sick even if it won’t be able to reproduce.

He added said that it is better to castrate them rather than continue breeding uncontrollably.