Inewvation Introduces Seamless Corner Indoor LED Display


Bringing the latest innovation in LED Displays, Inewvation proudly introduces a new version of its Ergo Series III, the Seamless Corner Display. This upgrade of Inewvation’s best selling indoor LED display makes corner installations greater, providing better visual experience.

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As it is designed specifically for indoor creative executions, Inewvation Ergo Series III-Seamless Corner Display is highly suitable to pillars and corner walls, in concave or convex installations. This high-definition display has a patented cabinet design that secures each module and ensures perfect alignment & flatness. Each of its cabinets includes handles for easier setup, and is unlikely to deform because it employs die-casting aluminum housing. To add, cabinets are connected by unique lock mechanism, which can be adjusted from left to right, up or down, forward or backward.

Meeting different requirements, this can be installed in different methods like wall-mounted, hanging, ceiling-mounted, and others. When installed, the distance between the LED and the wall is only 180 mm. Although the installation point is embedded in the wall, this indoor LED display gives no pressure on the wall, as it has lightweight and ultra-thin cabinet design, that is only 6 kg and 52 mm respectively, allowing easier and faster deployment and transport.

Refined glue-on-board or GOB LED module is optional with this new model, which not only provides extra protection to the LED bulbs but also makes it dust-proof. Front access is also available, making all demands for various installation and easy maintenance possible.

Ergo Series III is among the roster of topnotch digital displays products of Inewvation. Suitable for indoor events, retail shops, digital interior design, advertising, TV studio, and many more indoor applications, it provides high-resolution photos and videos with wide viewing angle. In 2019, Inewvation launched 2 versions of Ergo Series III, namely Ergo UHD and Ergo Lite. Ergo UHD has cabinets that are 16:9-aspect ratio ready, giving an ultra-high definition outputs; while Ergo Lite has cabinets that are made up of carbon fiber material, making lighter to carry and easy to install.

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