Health workers in San Carlos, Himamaylan go extra mile to protect children vs measles, rubella


Dedicated health workers have risen to the challenge of providing essential vaccinations to geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDA) of Himamaylan and San Carlos in the Province of Negros Occidental.

Through their unyielding commitment, the Department of Health in Western Visayas said these healthcare professionals have made it possible to bring the MR OPV (measles-rubella oral polio vaccine) closer to communities that often face difficulties in accessing healthcare services.

The month-long supplemental immunization activity would not have been achievable without the unwavering dedication and steadfast commitment of these health workers.

Overcoming numerous challenges along the way, they have played a crucial role in ensuring that even the most hard-to-reach communities are protected against vaccine-preventable diseases, the health bureau said in a statement.

Reaching every purok, or barangay, in these isolated areas was no easy task, it added. However, thanks to the hardworking Health Emergency Preparedness Officers (HEPOs), the entire process was effectively managed.

These dedicated individuals conducted “Usapan Sessions” with parents and guardians, emphasizing the significance of vaccination in achieving herd immunity and preventing the further outbreak of measles and rubella.