Globe blocks over 140,000 Smishing Messages in Feb-March


Globe blocked a total of 142,575 smishing messages in February and March this year, with its proactive filter system successfully detecting in its network these unwanted messages linked to fraud, the Ayala-led telecommunication company said in a statement. 

The company said it continues to strengthen its security tools and platforms to increase detection and blocking capabilities against illegal SMS and web blaster devices. Reporting channels and processes have also been enabled for Globe employees, customers, and partners to immediately capture and share information or concerns about fraud and scams.

“Smishing occurs mainly through mobile text messaging, in which scammers attempt to mislead victims into giving away their personal data. Scammers then use this data to take over a victim’s financial accounts,” said Anton Bonifacio, Globe Chief Information Security Officer.

He said the company is working with the government and industry stakeholders particularly on threat intelligence sharing initiatives, as well as on awareness campaigns via SMS, website and social media channels to regularly update the public about spams and scams.

Globe has made Internet safety and cybersecurity programs a key focus over the past few years. In 2021, the company blocked a total of 1.15 billion scam and spam messages, around 7,000 mobile numbers linked to scammers, and 2,000 unofficial social media accounts and phishing sites last year.

Bonifacio again encouraged customers to report scam messages through Globe’s spam reporting mechanism on its website via The reporting form is also available on the GlobeOne App and Globe’s Facebook Messenger and all other agent-assisted channels.

Android phone users may also set up spam filters on their Android devices by downloading the “Messages” app of Google as their default Android SMS messenger. This messaging app has a Spam Protection setting which can be enabled to block unwanted or unsolicited messages.

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