Get your Cheeseburger or McFlurry for FREE


Tap to pay with your UnionBank Visa Credit, Debit, or Prepaid Card for a minimum spend of Php 250 at select McDonald’s Dine-in, Take-out, or Drive thru and get your free Cheeseburger, Eggdesal with Ham, or McFlurry.

Promo Mechanics:

I. Qualification

  1. This promo is open to all:
    • UnionBank Visa Credit Cardholders, principal or supplementary, on active status and with good credit standing*
    • UnionBank Visa Debit & Prepaid Cardholders

II. Promo Period and Offer:

  1. Promo period is from October 16 to 31, 2020.
  2. For every single receipt purchase of Php 250, UnionBank Visa cardholders are entitled to any ONE (1) of the following free items: Cheeseburger, McFlurry with Oreo, or Cheesy Eggdesal with Ham, subject to the following schedule of availability of the free items, using any UnionBank Visa Credit, Debit, or Prepaid Card.

All DayMcFlurry with OreoBreakfast Hours (4:30am to 10:30am)Cheesy Eggdesal with HamRegular Hours (10:31am to 3:59am)Cheeseburger

III. How to Avail:

  1. UnionBank Visa cardholders may only avail of the promo in all operational McDonald’s stores with cashless payment terminals (as listed below), through the following:
    • Front counter
    • Drive-Thru
    • Take out counter
  2. The promo is not available through the following channels:
    • Self-ordering Kiosk
    • McDelivery
    • Pick-up
    • Chatbot