Gcash activates biometric log-in


With most transactions now being done using a mobile application, Gcash has added another layer of security via fingerprint or Face ID login for GCash accounts.

Fingerprint or Face ID logins, also known as biometric authentication, is the process of logging in to an app through your unique biological traits.

To activate this newest feature, simply update your GCash App to the latest version and enable this new feature on your account to log in for your future transactions in seconds. This feature is available for all iOS, Android, and Huawei phones.

Once enabled, you won’t need to type in your MPIN anymore.

Placing a finger on your phone scanner or being scanned by Face ID will unlock your account in seconds, compared to typing out your MPIN.

Enabling biometrics also means you can log in anywhere, even public places, without worrying that anyone might see your MPIN.

Lastly, you won’t forget your fingerprints or face the same way you can forget your MPIN. Your login credentials are literally at your fingertips, and you’ll only need your phone to log in whenever you please. You’ll never tap ‘Forgot MPIN’ or send us a request for MPIN reset ever again!

Aside from skipping your MPIN, this also makes your account more secured as fingerprints and face recognition logins are impossible to fake, share, or steal. They’re non-transferable because everyone has a unique set of fingerprints and facial features.

By enabling login via fingerprint or Face ID on your GCash account, you ensure that only you can open your account. It’s especially important in the case of phone theft or loss: scammers and fraudsters won’t be able to log in to your GCash even if they crack your phone open.

Tap on the photo for a step-by-step guide in activating biometrics log-in.