DOH: mRNA vaccines against COVID not contagious

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The Health Promotion Unit of the Department of Health in Western Visayas re-assured the public that there is no evidence that spike protein from mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 is contagious and dangerous to the body.

This statement was the response of the health bureau in relation to a video circulating online where a pastor claimed in an interview (not in Negros News Online) that vaccinated individuals are the superspreaders of the deadly corona disease.

It added that vaccines underwent rigorous research and stressed that it won’t cause COVID-19 infection as vaccines do not contain a live virus.

The health bureau in a statement sent to Negros News Online also clarified that COVID-19 vaccines do not weaken one’s body.

DoH continuously reminds the public to always verify information found online and ensure that these information are from credible and legitimate sources.

The public are also advised to check frequently asked questions via #CheckTheFAQs for other information about COVID-19 vaccines.