Delay your return or spend Christmas at the covered court

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The Municipal Health of Ilog is urging returning residents to delay their planned return to the town as it ran short of quarantine spaces.

In a post on Facebook, the local health bureau made an urgent appeal to locally stranded individuals to coordinate in advance their return to avoid spending 14 nights at the town’s covered court.

According to the muncipal health at least 40 more returnees are expected to return to the town, and all have to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Meanwhile, the health department confirmed that they have recommended to Mayor Paul Alvarez to place the entire Sitio Crossing Ilog, Brgy. Canlamay under preventive lockdown after the husband of patient no. 44 turned positive in his swab test.

According to the municipal health, the patient has had history of travel and admission in one of the hospitals in Kabankalan, where he most probably got himself exposed to the virus and transmitted the virus to his wife when he returned home from the hospital.

A contact tracing is on going and a team of swabbers have been deployed for to conduct the testing.