Considering to switch? Mobile portability is now official


Telecommunications Connectivity Incorporated announced that it has officially activated the number portability service, allowing subscribers to switch networks without losing their existing numbers.

Mobile companies Smart, Globe and Dito in separate statements confirmed that it now accept number porting application.

But users may only port their existing number if they met the following guidelines set under the Mobile Number Portability Act:
• User must not have outstanding balance
• User must not be blocklisted by the network
• Account is not locked or under contract to a service provider

To apply, a subscriber must get a unique subscriber code (USC) from his home network. A government valid ID and proof of number ownership are also required to complete the application.

Globe said that applicants from their competitors may apply for network switch by visiting to check for their eligibility. Smart meanwhile said that it has provided an online form for interest parties to fill-out . While Dito said applicants can visit their physical store or download its Dito app.

Subscribers of GOMO & Cherry Mobile, both under Globe service agreements, may also port their numbers to other networks.