CEB rolls out per piece checked bag options


Cebu Pacific announces changes to its checked baggage policy, in line with the airline’s goal to improve its processes for a more efficient and seamless customer experience.

The per piece baggage allowance for all new bookings will apply starting today, April 6. When booking flights, passengers have the option to purchase either a 20kg or a 32kg – both equivalent to only one (1) piece of check-in luggage. A maximum of two options can be purchased per traveler, now enabling everyJuan to carry up to 64 kg worth of bags from the previous 40 kg limit.

“We have been continuously reviewing our processes to ensure we are able to provide the best customer experience for everyJuan while remaining at par with our global counterparts. This new rule makes the process simpler and more efficient for all, which we believe will result in better management of flight timings,” said Candice Iyog, Vice President for Marketing and Customer Experience at Cebu Pacific.

Passengers are also encouraged to purchase their baggage allowance with their tickets during initial booking on the CEB website and mobile app, so you can save up to 64% versus paying baggage fee during bag drop at the airport. This new per piece baggage policy applies to all passengers with checked baggage.