Carlos Hilado Univ bags award for IP initiatives


The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines has recognized Carlos Hilado Memorial State University (CHMSU) for its outstanding efforts in promoting intellectual property (IP) rights in the country.

CHMSU has received the Gold Award for fulfilling the deliverables of the 2022 Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) 2.0 Clustering Program, which includes providing clients with the required number of IP capacity-building activities, patent research services, and drafting and filing at least 6 invention patents.

The award was received by CHMSU Director for Intellectual Property Management Armando R. Reosura, PhD during the 2023 ITSO Presidents’ Summit held at the Sequoia Hotel Manila Bay on March 28, 2023.

Dr. Reosura also presented the university’s best practices in prosecuting IP applications and received a Certificate of Commendation for his invaluable contribution in assisting inventors and innovators in protecting their intellectual property assets.

As an active member of the Philippine academic community, Dr. Reosura has been providing lectures to a number of universities in the Philippines, giving talks to faculty and inventors for them to acquire skills in patenting their inventions.