Bago Junior League Softball team made history at 2023 Junior League World Series


The Bago Junior League Softball team made a historic victory by clinching the 2023 Junior League World Series championship in Kirkland, Washington, USA.

Defeating seven other regions, including Eastern Region in the finals, the team led by Ramon Torres National High School (RTNHS) softbelles from the Philippines emerged victorious with a remarkable 3-0 triumph.

Bago City Mayor Nicholas Yulo expressed immense pride in this significant achievement, as it marks the first time the Bagonhon team has secured the prestigious title.

With outstanding performances from Erica Arnaiz, who struck out 15 batters, and Ann Dyana Buenafe, who recorded two runs batted in (RBIs), the team showcased their exceptional skills throughout the tournament.

Their remarkable journey to the finals included seven consecutive wins, proving their resilience and determination.

Under the guidance of dedicated coaches and trainers, including Rolando Fuentes, Leo Dayot, Josie Sebunga, and Sarah Caracas, the team displayed remarkable teamwork and spirit.

The unwavering support from the parents, families, and the Filipino community in Washington, along with Francis Fuentes as team manager and head coach, and Rey Fuentes as team founder, also played a crucial role in the team’s success.

Yulo said upon return of the team, the city plans for a hero’s welcome to celebrate their triumph and hoped that this victory would inspire young Bagonhons to dream big and aim high in their future endeavors.