Bacolod postpones crackdown vs illegal trikes

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The City of Bacolod has temporarily postponed its crackdown on illegal tricycles, which was initially set to begin on February 20.

City Councilor Al Victor Espino said that operations against colorum tricycles will commence once the uniforms and identification cards of the deputized agents have been distributed.

Currently, there are approximately 15,000 tricycles operating in the city, but about 10,000 of them have failed to obtain franchises and business permits. The deputized agents, composed of teams from the Tricycle Operators and Drivers’ Associations (TODA), will target those without permits.

The crackdown on illegal tricycles is in line with Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez’s Executive Order 003, Series of 2023, which aims to regulate tricycles in the city to ensure the safety of commuters and alleviate traffic congestion.