BACOD, Manibela hold protest in Bacolod to oppose jeepney phaseout


Drivers and operators of traditional jeepneys in Bacolod City who are members of BACOD and Manibela  took to the streets for a noise barrage to voice their opposition against the impending phaseout of old jeepneys on January 31.

On the morning of January 16, Bacolod City’s jeepney drivers and operators halted their operations and converged at the Bacolod City Government Center for a protest rally and noise barrage.

Shortly before lunch, the group marched to the Fountain of Justice in front of the old city hall and occupied the three lanes of Araneta Street to send a clear message through their unified action.

dyHB RMN photo

The flow of traffic was partially disrupted due to only one lane being passable for motorists. This was followed by a protest march to Bacolod City Public Plaza.

The protesters argue that the cost of replacing their old jeepneys with new ones is simply too high. Many of them are small operators who struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis. The cost of purchasing a new jeepney, which can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of pesos, is simply out of reach for them.

Furthermore, the protesters claim that the government’s plan fails to take into account the unique needs and requirements of the communities they serve.