Albee to Bing: truth hurts 171,893 times

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Truth hurts 171,893 times. This is the response Atty. Bong Dilay, spokesperson of Mayor-elect Alfredo “Albee” Benitez, to allegations hurled by outgoing Mayor Evelio Leonardia that the election result was simply “mysterious and unbelievable”.

In a statement, Dilag said that in the spirit of reconciliation, they extend their heartfelt empathy to Leonardia, whose “May 2022 electoral debacle appears to have left him reeling in shock and awe”.

He added: “The truth will set you free, but first, it will make you miserable.” Leonardia lost to Benitez after securing only 107,447 votes in the May 9 polls.

But for Leonardia, he believed that the result was irregularities with the count, citing the manner of casting of votes. He also took note of some Voter’s Counting Machine that malfunctioned.

However, the camp of Benitez stressed that the allegation of the outgoing mayor was baseless.

It is crystal clear that Benitez successfully presented his plans and programs according to his vision and set of values that had strongly resonated with the Bacolodnons who have long hoped for change, Dilag said.

He described the outcome of the election  as a bitter pill to swallow for Leonardia.

But Dilag said that they respect the incumbent mayor’s democratic right to avail of whatever remedies the law may afford him as they too intend to vigorously raise their own issues in the proper forum.