3 cities, 2 towns in Northern NegOcc w/o power


Three cities and two towns under the coverage of the Northern Negros Electric Cooperative (NONECO) are currently experiencing a power outage that began shortly before 4:00PM, May 20.

In a statement, NONECO confirmed that the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines’ (NGCP) 69kV line main protection equipment, specifically Cadiz 50 MVA Transformer No. 1 and 2, tripped off at approximately 3:48 PM. This resulted in a loss of power supply to the substations in Bacayan, IPI, Tinampa-an, Cadiz, Lopez, and Sagay.

The outage is currently affecting the entire areas of Victorias City, Cadiz City, and Sagay City, along with the towns of EB Magalona and Manapla. Some portions of Escalante City and Calatrava town are also impacted.

NONECO’s “Warriors of Light” are actively collaborating with NGCP to identify the cause of the issue and restore power as swiftly as possible, it said in a statement.